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Sell SEA/1006,SAE/1008,SAE/1010,SAE/1012,SAE/1018,SAE/1042,SAE/1045,SAE/1060,SAE/1065,SAE/1070,SAE/1



  • 480.00Yuan/TON


+8618538182054 +86-0573-83929598
  • Place of Origin: China Zhejiang
  • Delivery period: 5 Shipped within days
  • Total Supply: 50000 TON
  • Business model: Manufacturer
  • Registered capital: 5Ten ThousandUSD
  • Business Type: Manufacturer(Manufacturer)
  • Main products: Sell carbon steel plate,stainless steel plate,boiler steel plate,spring steel plate,mould steel plate, pipeline steel plate,alloy structural steel plate,hipbuilding and offshore platform plate,
  • location: China/Zhejiang
  • Honor:
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Information on this page is provided for you by Huanan Special Steel Co., Ltd“Sell SEA/1006,SAE/1008,SAE/1010,SAE/1012,SAE/1018,SAE/1042,SAE/1045,SAE/1060,SAE/1065,SAE/1070,SAE/1”Product information, if you want to know more about“Sell SEA/1006,SAE/1008,SAE/1010,SAE/1012,SAE/1018,SAE/1042,SAE/1045,SAE/1060,SAE/1065,SAE/1070,SAE/1”Price, manufacturers, please contact the manufacturer, or leave a message to the manufacturer。
BrandHNSS-STEEL Valid untillong term effective Latest update2014-08-15 15:34

Sell SEA/1006,SAE/1008,SAE/1010,SAE/1012,SAE/1018,SAE/1042,SAE/1045,SAE/1060,SAE/1065,SAE/1070,SAE/1

 Sell SEA/1006,SAE/1008,SAE/1010,SAE/1012,SAE/1018,SAE/1042,SAE/1045,SAE/1060,SAE/1065,SAE/1070,SAE/1080 wire rod

Product Size:

Wore rod :5.5mm,6.0mm,6.5mm,7.0mm,8.0mm,9.0mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,14mm,16mm.

Rebar in coils: 8.0mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm

SAE 1006 :

0.08 Max%C, 0.25 – 0.40%Mn,0.15 Max%Si,0.035 Max%P,0.025 Max%S,240 – 290 Ys-N/mm2,340 – 415 Ts-N/mm2 , 35 Min%El.

Coil Identification
Each coil will have tag with unique coil number and Heat number.

If you need SAE1006/ SAE1008/ SAE1012/ SAE1018/ SAE1042/ SAE 1045/ SAE1060/ SAE1065/SAE1070/ SAE1080 wire rod and re-bar in coils, please contact us freely.

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Supplier information
Company Huanan Special Steel Co., Ltd Business modelManufacturer
Registered capital5Ten thousandUSD Year Established1998
LocationChina/Zhejiang Business TypeManufacturer (Manufacturer)
BondPaid0.00 Yuan
Main businessMould Manufacturer / Machinery & Hardware  , Trading & Purchaser / Purchaser Manufacturer  , Trading & Purchaser / Material & Assistant Mate  , Supplementary Material / Mould Steel  , 
Main ProductsSell carbon steel plate,stainless steel plate,boiler steel plate,spring steel plate,mould steel plate, pipeline steel plate,alloy structural steel plate,hipbuilding and offshore platform plate,
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The current page is the Sell SEA/1006,SAE/1008,SAE/1010,SAE/1012,SAE/1018,SAE/1042,SAE/1045,SAE/1060,SAE/1065,SAE/1070,SAE/1price information display. TheSell SEA/1006,SAE/1008,SAE/1010,SAE/1012,SAE/1018,SAE/1042,SAE/1045,SAE/1060,SAE/1065,SAE/1070,SAE/1wholesale price, Sell SEA/1006,SAE/1008,SAE/1010,SAE/1012,SAE/1018,SAE/1042,SAE/1045,SAE/1060,SAE/1065,SAE/1070,SAE/1quote and other related information displayed on this page are provided by the company itself. Sell SEA/1006,SAE/1008,SAE/1010,SAE/1012,SAE/1018,SAE/1042,SAE/1045,SAE/1060,SAE/1065,SAE/1070,SAE/1Price authenticity, accuracy, legality It is the sole responsibility of all the companies in the store. MouldsNet.COMdoes not assume any guarantee responsibility for this.
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