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Qi xiaoyan
  • Place of Origin: China Hebei
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  • Registered capital: 10Ten ThousandRMB
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Main products: Pleated Candle Filter,sintered metal candle filter,Perforated Candle Filter
  • location: China/Hebei
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Conical Strainer

 Improved Conical Strainer for Pipeline Impurity Removal
Conical strainer, also called cone strainer and temporary strainer, is a type of filter installed on the suction side of pipelines. Its working principle is to block the impurities in the fluid and make the clean liquid flow out. Conical strainer can effectively filter out the particles in the pipelines and keep the machines work normal. It can also be used to protect compressors, pumps, turbines and magnetic valves. Conical strainer has high strength, good rigidity and high filtration efficiency. It's stable performance can ensure the efficiency of production equipment and protect the pumps, valves and other devices.
Cone strainer has a simple structure and a small volume. It is suitable for the places wher space restrictions are needed. This type of filter element is easy to install, remove and clean. It is extensively used in the chemistry, petroleum, pharmacy, water treatment and environmental protection field. Conical strainers can be made from various materials, such as sintered wire mesh, stainless steel wire, copper and other materials. This product is available in different sizes, shapes and pressure ratings. Specifications can be customized.
A perforated flat bottom conical strainer shows its inner structural design.
CS-1 Perforated flat bottom conical strainer.A perforated sharp bottom conical strainer with a stainless steel handle.
CS-2 Perforated sharp bottom conical strainer.
There is a metal flat bottom conical strainer.
CS-3 Flat bottom conical strainer with metal handle.A perforated flat bottom conical strainer with stainless steel edge.
CS-4 Flat bottom conical strainer without handle.
A perforated conical strainer with a metal handle.
CS-5 Perforated conical strainer.A fine woven conical strainer on a white background.
CS-6 Sharp bottom conical strainer.
Conical structural design.
Good rigidity.
High filtration efficiency.
Convenient installation and cleaning.
Low cost.
Filter out the weak corrosive substances in the petrochemical production process.
Remove the corrosive materials in chemical production.
Remove particles from pipelines.
Filter the low temperature materials during the refrigeration process.
Applied in all kinds of light industries, pharmaceutical industry areas.
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Company ANPING Boegger Industrial Limited Business model
Registered capital10Ten thousandRMB Year Established1995
LocationChina/Hebei Business TypeManufacturer ()
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Main businessSupplementary Material / Standard Parts  , 
Main ProductsPleated Candle Filter,sintered metal candle filter,Perforated Candle Filter
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