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  • Registered capital: 3000Ten ThousandRMB
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  • Main products: liquid nitrogen container, liquid nitrogen tank, liquid nitrogen dewar ,dewar vessel, dewar flask
  • location: China/Henan
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TIANCHI ice maker IMS-150

TIANCHI ice maker IMS-150

Tianchi ice machine mainly produces snowflake, pellet and cube ice machines, which are widely used in restaurants, hotels, western food, bars, supermarkets, fisheries, refrigeration, food, playgrounds, factory cooling, and vegetables. Tianchi ice machines mainly operate snowflakes. Ice machines, desktop ice machines, etc., such as ice-shaped, pellet-shaped, cube-shaped, etc., are widely used in vegetable processing and preservation, meat processing, laboratories, scientific research institutions and chemical enterprises. Our production specifications are integrated Type and split type ice makers, split type ice makers are widely used in commercial ice making applications, and the integrated type is generally used in laboratories or households with a higher probability.

The blue light sterilization technology used in all specifications and models of the ice maker produced by Tianchi makes the ice cubes healthier and more hygienic for the human body. Our products have many specifications, detailed parameters, and a gold supplier, one to meet your needs.

[Refrigeration industry] Protect the environment, pioneer and innovate

 The refrigeration industry is currently undergoing industrial innovation and will pay more attention to energy conservation and intelligence in the future. The energy consumption of HVAC will be effectively compressed, and renewable energy will be used. Achieving technological breakthroughs is currently the most critical in the refrigeration industry. The country is advocating energy saving and emission reduction, and the refrigeration industry needs to actively respond to the call of the country, realize industrial transformation and innovation, and transform from a traditional refrigeration mode to an intelligent refrigeration mode.


As the environment continues to deteriorate, people pay more attention to environmental protection. How to effectively eliminate sources of pollution is of greater concern to the people, and it is also a good opportunity for the refrigeration, air-conditioning and HVAC industry to realize industrial transformation. The future development trend of the refrigeration industry will focus on energy saving and intelligence. Energy saving and intelligence represent the future development trend, and also represent the refrigeration industry's response to national policies, while meeting the needs of the market.

   Advocating energy saving and emission reduction is the most obvious feature of the refrigeration and heating industry. To achieve energy saving and emission reduction, first look at the main engine technology, second look at the high-tech water pump, and third look at the energy-saving level in operation. Equipment, system and operation are the core competitiveness of refrigeration and heating enterprises. In the past winter, Beijing residents have already enjoyed energy saving and intelligence. The refrigeration and heating enterprises have realized the recycling of industrial waste heat and waste heat, reducing the pollution caused by coal-fired boiler heating. As a representative of the refrigeration industry, air-conditioning companies have taken the lead in the energy-saving war. Gree Air-Conditioning has launched an air-conditioning that does not consume a single kilowatt-hour of electricity, combining solar energy with central air-conditioning, and Haier Air-conditioning interconnects the air-conditioning system and the intelligent center...

  The use of new energy can start from the source and reduce the emission of pollutants. Coupled with the use of waste energy and intelligent design, the refrigeration industry can truly realize energy saving, emission reduction, intelligence and efficiency. As the country will gradually introduce certain support policies in the future, the refrigeration industry will develop rapidly.

Company: Henan Tianchi Cryogenic Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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TIANCHI ice maker IMS-150

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Henan Tianchi Cryogenic Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.. are a professional manufacturer of liquid nitrogen container / tank,Our containers are made of high quality rust-proof aluminum alloy and are light in weight. The outer casing is formed

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Company Henan Tianchi Cryogenic Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Business modelManufacturer
Registered capital3000Ten thousandRMB Year Established2018
LocationChina/Henan Business TypeManufacturer (Manufacturer)
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Main businessMoulding Equipment  , 
Main Productsliquid nitrogen container, liquid nitrogen tank, liquid nitrogen dewar ,dewar vessel, dewar flask
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