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addition silicones


Addition silicones Description

 addition silicones are generally named as two-part addition silicone rubber that vulcanises at room temperature.

 addition silicones  Part A is a flowable liquid, part B is the curing agent(platinum catalyst).

 addition silicones features an exceptional fluidity ,good operability,excellent physical properties and very low shrinkage.

 addition silicones  mixing ratio between Part A and Part B can be 10:1 or 1:1.

Addition (platinum) cured RTV 2 SiliconesMain application

·         Rapid prototyping (urethane casting/silicone tooling/vacuum casting)

·         Concrete moulding

·         PU resin casting

·         General Mould making

·         Superior manual mold design

Addition Silicones Main properties

·         addition silicones is almost nil shrinkage

·         addition silicones is high chemical resistance to aggressive components of some types of resins

·         addition silicones is good tear strength (this feature ensures higher resistance to wearing and shearing)

·         addition silicones is high degree of precision in reproduction

·         addition silicones is high dimensional stability over time and  non-deformability

·         addition silicones is high resistance to high temperatures and ageing (resit to -60-200°C)

·         addition silicones is excellent non-stick effect

·         addition silicones is environmental, odorless and nontoxic

Notice of addition silicones


All above addition silicones is forbidden to mix with organic compounds of condensation cure silicone rubber,otherwise, the silicone rubber will not cure, and also should not mix with organic compounds containing S, P, N as well as metallic salt of organic acids. It also will cause this product cure uncompletely or not cure.

Any questions about the Addition Silicones,please feel free to contact Mr. Derrick

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